Better Onboarding Is the Answer

We’re a team of user onboarding specialists—here to help your product grow faster with the traffic you already have.

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Are you…

Managing a growth-stage product and eager to boost conversion & retention?

Worried your onboarding is silently turning away "ready to convert" users?

Excited about optimization, but unsure where to focus for the biggest impact?


Moving the needle begins with better user onboarding

It’s the most important part of your user’s journey and goes way beyond signup or useless product tours.

Getting it right requires time-consuming retention analysis, design, user testing, and conversion copywriting—but the effort could 2X your app’s retention or boost your SaaS revenue by 20-40%.

“I was shocked how much Simple Circle was able to help. They reduced our churn by 29% 🤯”

Emma Beaton
UX lead, Concert Window

Onboarding tweaks and “best practices” not cutting it?

What if you had help from a team of onboarding experts?

A full team—replete with a senior researcher, data analyst, product designer, and copywriter—focused solely on converting more of your visitors into active users while you tackle other problems.

We’re that team.

Our three-phase process will take you FROM “Why aren’t our design changes helping?” TO an evidence-backed prototype and strategy to boost your conversion, retention, and related KPIs in just a few weeks.

“They found blockers we’d missed and crushed it with a gorgeous prototype our devs could run with.”

Carson Miller
CEO, BuildBook

We’ll help you...

Convert, activate & retain more users

We’ll uncover (and fix) problems that are blocking your users’ critical “Aha!“ moment.

Move faster, more confidently

We’ll lighten your load and fuel evidence-backed decisions your team can get behind.

Align your team

Watching user tests of your product will bring your team together like nothing else.

Level up your team’s expertise

By working together, we’ll help boost your team’s user testing & retention analysis skills.

We’ll also help you answer these BIG questions:

  • Where are my new users bailing, and why?
  • What’s at the root of my visitor‘s skepticism?
  • What secret objections do they have?
  • Which user actions lead to activation?
  • Which messaging resonates best?
  • Which personas retain the longest?

Tactically, our goal is to increase your User Activation Rate (UAR)

Activated users are those who’ve meaningfully engaged with your product and have taken the required steps to experience its core value—reaching their “Aha!” moment.

These transformed users are 4X more likely to pay for and actively use your product than mere “signups”, and are the difference between disappointing KPI reports and getting love from your team when the needle starts to move.

Starting with retention analysis, we’ll create a blueprint for new user success by analyzing your historical user data and defining your activation events (actions that separate your successful users from churners).

We’ll then moderate user tests of your entire onboarding system, including lander, signup, product core, and welcome email—identifying areas of friction or confusion that would block the completion of any activation event.

Finally, we’ll go beyond vague research decks by designing, user testing, and iterating upon a concrete prototype built to solve the UX and messaging issues holding your new users back.

Learn more about our three-phase process

Key activities

  1. Onboarding audit
  2. Funnel & retention analysis
  3. Activation event definition
  4. Churned-user surveys
  5. Live-product user testing
  6. Prototype design
  7. Prototype user testing
  8. Prototype iteration

ROI calculator

Try our ROI calculator to see exactly how much your revenue and retention can benefit from improved activation.

Are we a match?

If you work for a growth stage startup and are eager to improve the efficiency of your existing web or native product, we could be a fit.


Go FROM “Why do over 40% of our trial users never return after signup?’ TO a predictable flow of champion users that are ready to bring their whole team along.


Go FROM “Oof... Did you see this week’s engagement numbers?” TO a steady uptick in usage by the same audience that used to churn like crazy.

Don’t let another interested user slip away

Request a free call now. In preparation, we’ll audit your onboarding system, develop questions, and provide an actionable list of UX and messaging suggestions you can instantly put to work.