We’ve come together to do one thing well—level up your KPIs through better onboarding.

Elliott Golden

Design Director & Founder

Researcher, product designer, and ex-engineer with over 10 years of experience improving onboarding and existing products at large.

Helped Techstars, ERA, and YCombinator startups as well as Fortune 500s like IKEA, Vanguard, and Discover, make evidence-backed design decisions that reduced risk, delivered results, and made the lives of over 10 million users (and a few product stakeholders) better.

Daniel Doan

Conversion Copywriter

Conversion specialist with a decade of experience leading growth teams and writing landing pages, email sequences, and content for growing startups and mega-brands as well.

Given talks at TEDx, Google, and SXSW on persuasive copywriting as well as helped TikTok, Wix, RingCentral, Intel, and others, convert and retain more users through magnetic messaging.

Alan Arvelo

Data Scientist

Product-focused data scientist with a double Master’s in data science and engineering who’s been turning messy data into actionable direction for years.

Helped VC backed startups such as Knotel, Aquicore, and breakout Swedish electricity provider, Greenely, take their business to the next level with over $2M in profit attributed directly to product-related data initiatives and optimizations.

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